Tenant Watch® is a Consumer Reporting Agency that has been serving the needs of the Residential Rental Industry by providing fraud prevention and risk reduction tools for property managers since 1994. Our goal is to create better communities one tenant at a time.

Specific areas of investigation include credit reports, national criminal records, national eviction records, national sex offender records, national terrorist threat records, as well as access to our unique proprietary database in which you (the landlord) report your tenants rental history!

The purpose of Tenant Watch® is to provide landlords with the tools to indentify potential high risk tenants therefore reducing exposure to uneeded risk.

The Tenant Watch® network encourages landlords to work together to report positive as well as adverse tenant information. This accountability creates the need for tenants to be more responsible which creates a better community for us all.

Preventing the "PROFESSIONAL TENANT" from fraudulently taking advantage of the landlord.

Tenant Watch® strives to be a one stop resource for property owners. We provide you a customized rental application, a detailed report on your tenant, ability to report your tenants to Tenant Watch®, full services evictions, as well as judgment recovery collection services.